Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Am Toast

Nora totally just said, "I love you."

I doubt she has any idea what it means, but it's still pretty sweet nonetheless.

I'll have more pictures to upload soon! (I'm still really bad at taking very many, though.)

We're still doing well over here. Henry isn't sleeping more than two hours at a time, but at least Nora hasn't woke in the night for two nights (Daddy went in to take care of her two nights ago, and since then, she's not woke during the night).

Nora has been telling us when she has a dirty diaper lately. If only we could, like, get her to be interested in putting that in the toilet . . . I think we're so far from being ready for that, unfortunately. It's nice that she tells us, now, though. Sometimes she has stealthy diapers that are dirty, and I don't realize they're dirty until I decide to change it (once every two or three hours). She typically will have a rash by then.

The Bergrens suggested a diaper rash powder that seems to be the only thing that is helping with Nora's rash issues. It's a powder called Caldesene. It comes in a pink bottle, and I have only found it at CVS. I think it must have a cooling sensation, too. Nora really seems to like it.

Gotta run!

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