Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photos, Tomatoes, and Zinnias—Oh, My!

I finally remembered to upload the photos that were sitting on my camera. Here's what Nora's been up to for the later part of her 19 months.

My favorite two pics are the one where she's sitting on the changing table/dresser, getting into stuff and the one that was taken after I made her get off the dresser (the one where she's lying on the floor, screaming between my feet). Good stuff!

She needs a baby brother, already.

In other news, I think we're the only people we know that actually got a decent amount of tomatoes this season (if you can call this a season). We planted Early Girls this year, and they came in August, which is earlier than we've ever had tomatoes come out before. If we'd planted our usual tomatoes, I think we'd have never seen a red one. We've actually had so many that we've canned a few times. We made a couple of jars of salsa (we busted open a jar the other night, and it was actually really good), and we've canned several jars of juice and a couple of jars of just tomatoes. We've got a lot of green tomatoes on the vine right now, and I'll be interested to see what happens with those since it's, like, October out there now. The bottoms of our plants are turning yellow, though (Dad was saying something about that being a nitrogen issue, and we never did get that resolved).

I think we'll be planting Early Girls again next year, too. The other ones always come so late in the season (and by the time we get 'em, we have to worry about frost).

We also have some awesome-looking Zinnias growing right now, too. We're gonna be clipping off those heads in the fall and planting a ton more next spring. They are pretty.

I've got some Mums and Asters on our steps outside, too (we picked those up at our local Garwood Orchard a few weeks ago). The Mums are looking pretty good, but the Asters could kick it up a couple of notches. (I'm having to water them every day because I didn't put them in new pots.) I should get some photos of those. All our plants (and our yard) are looking pretty sweet right now.

Baby Boy Brown is due tomorrow. That's kind-of weird. I don't think he'll be here tomorrow, though.

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