Friday, February 11, 2011

Cool 4-D Videos of Baby Brown #3

We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning! We got to have the same technician that we had when we had our ultrasound with Nora. Luckily, she was actually decent this time (and on time, thank God).

We were a little surprised when she told us that we could only have one adult in the room (Nora was totally with us during our ultrasound with Henry), but she was cool enough to let Willis bring the kids in when we found out the sex. That was probably for the best, anyway. If we had known, though, we could've prepared a little better for some waiting room entertainment for the monkeys. Oh, well. It went well.

It's a boy, by the way! God, help us.

Check out these cool videos! I'm thrilled that we left with a DVD instead of a couple of lame pieces of paper! Times are a-changin'! (Our hospital obviously had some serious upgrades since the last time we were in.)

I think he looks like Henry already (even though he looks a little creepy and under-baked).

Nora wanted the technician to look at the baby in her belly, too. We told Nora that better not be happening for at least 20 years. She didn't seem to get it. Poor kid.

Good times!

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