Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

It's been awhile since I've had a good ol' Tuesday rant, and today, there just happened to be enough material for it. Amber and Sara are the original pros of this little game. They tell it like it is.

Hey, It's Okay . . .

To watch your kid pull a TV down on himself and still not really understand how it happened. (No TVs or children were hurt in the falling of said TV.)

To want to put that same kid in a hamster ball for, like, daily life. (The little dude is relentless with the deadly stunts and constant climbing.)

To hate your pets a little bit when you're pregnant. (This is not even an exaggeration: they know when you're pregnant, and they act weird. And sometimes stupid. Really. Try it out sometime.)

To be surprised when it isn't snowing around here.

To be even more surprised when the sun decides to show itself.

To let your kids watch Princess and the Frog, like, every day. (I watched movies like The Little Mermaid and other more inappropriate movies about a million times a day for years, and I'd like to think that it didn't entirely rot my brain.)

To almost like Randy Newman songs when they are sung by people that aren't him. "You gotta diiiiig a little deeper . . ." (Here's a link to that song on YouTube if you're interested.)

To believe that you've completely avoided a nasty cold just by religiously using the Neti Pot and some Breathe Right Strips. (When I'm pregnant, I get colds like a pro, too.)

To recognize that the housework is about to go downhill for awhile due to the fact that your energy level just plummeted at about the same rate that your belly exploded.

To not really believe how long it takes for a family with young kids to recover after a grueling, travel-intensive week. We're going on week two of being home, and we still aren't quite right. (Willi was gone last weekend for work, though, so that makes things kind-of weird, I guess.)

To put your kids to bed without lunch—especially if they did the exact opposite of everything you said leading up to that moment.

To want to bottle the sound of your wee son saying, "Bunny!"

To not understand why toddlers have to shred tissues into teeny, tiny, pureed, ridiculous, little pieces at any opportunity possible.

To not believe how fast those little toddlers can shred those tissues mentioned. We're talking milliseconds. I'm not even exaggerating.

To have overstayed your welcome when it comes to "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday."

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