Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Okay. Uncle!

After an entire day of Henry screaming pretty much non-stop, I decided to call the doctor to try to get him in today. I got him an appointment for 4 p.m. with the pediatrician.

During the feeble nap attempt, I finished up Nora's cake (Yep. Nora's birthday today, by the way), tried to do some work, and then, nap time was pretty much over. (Henry couldn't sleep, and that means Nora didn't, either.)

My friend Lisa offered to take Nora and Everett for me while I took Henry to the doctor. On the way out, I met Frank outside, and he told me, officially, that Dolores had gone. Meanwhile, Nora was so excited to see Frank (she hasn't probably seen him since, like, November), she unloaded her entire two-months of life out in shouts while he and I were conversing. Ugh. She didn't seem to even hear what he said or notice that he was sad. I guess when it's your fourth birthday, that happens.

Then, I saw him taking down his outdoor Christmas decorations alone. I just wanted to get out and go hug him or help or something.

I thought the doctor was going to be a quick trip. It wasn't.

The appointment didn't actually happen until about 4:40, and when it did, it was a series of tests along with a breathing treatment for Henry. It turns out that Henry has RSV. His oxygen levels were so low, they wanted to admit him to the hospital.

This made sense to me (the oxygen levels thing) because for a good portion of the day, Henry wasn't making a whole lot of sense. After nap time, I noticed he had a fever again, too.

So, now, after a small breakdown in the parking lot (Willis met me there, and I wilted), after picking up Nora and Everett at Lisa's, and after leaving Henry and Willis at the hospital, the birthday girl and I are still trying to get to sleep. Maybe tomorrow she'll get to blow out four candles on that penguin cake.

Henry will be at the hospital through tomorrow, and we are hoping that he'll only have to be there 24 hours. We're also hoping that neither Nora nor Everett (especially, since he's so small) end up there, too.

I need to eat something before I go lay down . . .

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