Thursday, January 12, 2012

RSV 3, Browns 0. Game. Set. Match.

Everett has RSV, and it's likely Nora does, too (they didn't really need to test her because even if she's positive, the outcome is still going to be the same). She obviously has the same cold thing that the boys do, and tonight, she felt warm.

Luckily, neither Nora nor Everett need to be hospitalized at this time. As of this evening, Henry was starting to perk up a bit. He still has some ground he has to cover, though. He's pretty furious that he isn't allowed to leave the room. He keeps asking to put on his "yellow coat and go to the car."

We now have a nebulizer that looks like a seal (seriously. The animal). I'm not sure that was a good idea (it wasn't mine!). Henry's going to want to snuggle that guy when he comes home.

The penguin cake is in the fridge after I realized that I didn't want to attempt to carry it into the hospital with Everett, Nora, our dinner, etc. in the horizontal ice/snow that was happening up here. Let's all hope that it isn't disgusting when we actually get a chance to stick candles on it and cut into it.

The NP at the pediatrician told me today that a lot of times, people will take their children to the hospital and just leave them there (she wasn't saying this was a good idea. She was disparaging it. Swearsies). I was like, "Even if they're, like, two!?"

"Yeah. And, then the nurses have to call the parents to come get the kids."


That's a thing, I guess. I'm pretty sure Henry would tear the walls down if we did that, and then, he'd implode. You probably think I'm exaggerating.

Anyway, Nora's sleeping soundly, now, and Everett's getting a breathing treatment in my lap. We're hoping tomorrow is a little more, um, fruitful.

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