Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Photos!

Here are some photos from Christmas and just after! I'll narrate for you.

Nora and Willis on Christmas morning at the Browns.

The whole fam.

Nora rather enjoyed playing with the clementines.

Henry in his Santa suit with Grandma.

He enjoyed himself.

This is quite possibly the only time Nora actually tried to open a present on her own,
and I'm pretty sure she got sidetracked while opening this one.
She didn't quite get it (not that I am complaining).

She's playing with some new stuffed animals here while her unopened presents are piling.

Breakfast with Penguin. (And yes. She is sitting on some encyclopedias.)

Who needs toys!?


The Dill clan (a large chunk of them, anyway).

You can see even more people here.

Granddad helping Nora with her Melissa and Doug stacking/nesting toy that she got from both Mom and Julie (we have a spare—sweet!).

Henry's hanging out in the background while Nora plays.

Marlene tried putting both babies in her sling, and of course, I had to take some pics.

So stinkin' cute.

Sweet, little bundle!

Nora is modeling some pajama pants that were made for her by her aunt Jody.

I had to chase her around to get photos of her.

These were all taken within the same minute.

"Henry sleeping."

"TV on!"

Here is a cute onesie we received from the Larsens.

How stinking sweet is that? Thanks, guys!

We still haven't had our own, little family Christmas. We plan to do ours on Saturday morning. I'm looking forward to it! These little buggers sure make Christmas even more special than it already was.We hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Is there anything cuter than a child putting a bag on her head?  Very little.