Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Henry's Onesie and BUGS!

Henry finally fits into the onesie that Betsy and Pam Hess
and Grandma Louse Brown got for him!

That's right, single ladies. He's a Virgo.

I even love his wonky eye.

He's so styley. Thanks, girls!

Nora and Hobbes collecting bugs.

He's a good helper.

"He's getting away!"

In other news, Nora was a bit nutty today. Three different times, I caught her pulling ALL of the ornaments off of the tree that she could reach. While it's quite funny, it was a bit maddening. I really hope I'm not spending all day tomorrow telling her not to touch the tree. Oi.

She had been so good so far.

I posted pictures of Nora's stocking on my creative outlet blog! Check it out!

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  1. Thomas is also a virgo. :)he is getting SO big SO quickly, Jenny!!!! Good grief! and he's so adorable!!