Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh, the Things They Do and Say

Here are some fun photos and videos of the past few days:

Henry sleeping.

Nora likes to check on him.

"Henry sleeping," she shrieks!

Somehow, the kid sleeps through all of it. Check out Nora's hair, by the way.

She came out of her room with her sunglasses and a purse. It was pretty funny.

Attitude. (Not really.)

She's always walking away from Mommy when the camera is out.

These guys are fun.

We're dorks.

In other news, Nora has absolutely no regard for temperature. She wanted to stay in the bath today until her lips were blue (and the water was cold). When I finally tried to get some clothes on her (she wanted some naked time afterward, too), she asked for more naked time ("Neked!?"). What a nutter!

Sunday night, she was asking to go outside, so I took her outside for a brief, little chill (to check out the neighbors' lights) just to show her how cold it was out there. I figured she'd be chilled right away and want to go back inside. Boy, was I wrong about that. Not only was she unaware that it was quite cold, but she also did not have the reaction I anticipated when I let her walk barefoot on the sidewalk (I figured she'd want me to pick her back up and we could go inside). She wanted to stay out there and have a nice, little walk, I think! She kills me!

Today, while she was naked (after her bath), I overheard her say, "Come on, guys, let's gooooo!"

She's been talking in sentences lately, and what's more: I can actually understand her most of the time. How crazy is that!? It just happened all at once!

Saturday night, I replaced all of the innards in the tank of our upstairs toilet (that is quite an undertaking, by the way), and when Willi brought her into the bathroom so that I could say goodnight to her, she saw me flush the toilet successfully. Then, she said, "Dere ya go, Mama."

It made me happy.

I got her to say, "Happy Birthday, Daddy" in the car on Sunday while he was in the grocery store, but she wouldn't say it for him when he came back. She just got embarrassed and shook her head when I'd ask her to, "Say it!"

She did finally say, "Hi, Daddy!" on the phone when we called him today. We've been trying to get her to do that for a long, long time.

In other, other news, I finished Nora's stocking today! I'll post pictures when I take some.

Willi's home now! Gotta run!

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  1. Thomas also has absolutely no regard for how warm or cold it is. Just tonight I took him out of his bath and let him run around for a while wrapped in his towel (he likes to drape a regular towel over his head and hold it closed with both hands; kind of looks like a nun) and he was shivering, fingernails turning blue and everything. I kept saying, "Okay, Thomas. it's time for jammies!" and he would tell me, "No! Thomas go potty." He knows that as long as he's on that potty I'm not going to make him put on a diaper--he's REALLY not into his "baby diapers" in the last couple of weeks. he wants his "big-boy diapers" which are pull-ups--so I let him sit on his potty a bit more, run around, then finally corralled him and took him to his changing table. When he was there, I tried to keep him covered with his towel while I put lotion on him. He kept throwing it off. Kids are weird.