Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pics n' Such from Thanksgiving and the Weekend After

Henry the monkey boy. (Thanks for that cute outfit, Lena!)

Baby pile!

Henry, Bailey, Corryn, and Vayda

Nana and Nora

He laughs now. Hard.

I love it.

He's so stinking sweet.

She wants to play with the umbrella stroller.

My boys in their Colts garb.

Sometimes Henry takes breaks from watching the game to suck his thumb.

I made a wreath from tree clippings. It's nothin' spectacular.

We go all out on our lights. (Sarcasm.)


Old school Christmas lights, and an old-school demon cat.

Piano window.

The whole scene. I just need to finish making the stockings.

In other news, Willi came home from work today not feeling so well, so I'm gonna go hang out with him while he suffers in bed for a bit. I hope he feels better, like, immediately. It's sad to see that guy sick.

Dilly out.

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