Thursday, December 17, 2009


I just laid Henry down for his afternoon nap a little bit ago. When I laid him down, he looked like he was ready, but while I was getting Nora ready for her nap (while changing her diaper), he started wailing. Just as soon as I got Nora tossed into her bed, he quit. I walked in there to peek on him (to see if he was awake and sucking his thumb—if he was awake, I would have grabbed him), and he was totally asleep. Poor little guy. That happens to him a lot.

At lunch, he was in his bouncy seat, and he just laid there, looking at me while Nora and I ate. He was just waiting for me to look at him so he could flash me a smile. He's so stinking patient for a baby. I guess he has to be, though, since he's got a sister. Nora has to be, too, and she usually is when it's her turn to wait.

Sometimes I wish I could be everywhere at the same time. I hate it when I can't get to a crying kid. It breaks my heart. It's always so much easier when Willi is home for that very reason.

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