Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Swear We're Still Alive

We're all still alive. We've just been seriously busy in the last week. We had a big meeting for work last Wednesday, and I had a lot of work to do for that. We got to drive home from it in an awesome blizzard (not), and that was a wee bit scary.

All three of us were sick last week (and still are) with some sort of evil cold. We're on the mend, though.

Nora's practically running now. So, there's that. She's still stinkin' sweet and hilarious.

It keeps snowing over here. I'm about done with that. I've always hated February. Even though it's the shortest month of the whole year, it's always the longest month of my whole life.

I swear I feel baby number two moving around in my belly even though I'm only, like, twelve weeks. Anything I read tells me that it's not possible, but I swear I feel it now and then.

Nora got a tutu in the mail from Aunt Marlene and Uncle Jerm, and I'm SO stoked to use it in her upcoming photo shoot with Maggie. I am seriously excited about that. (Nora didn't have a tutu before.)

I'm wishing it were spring and warm outside today so I could walk Nora over to the library or something. I'm about ready to start getting outdoors.

My belly's getting big already, by the way. It's still at that weird stage where nobody in their right mind would assume that I'm pregnant, but I'm working on it.

Now you're informed. Catch you kids later!


  1. I HATED that phase--when you are just starting to show, but not big enough for anyone to really realize you're pregnant, so you just look big. I was so self conscious. But now I look back and I can't even tell in the pictures. I am certain that you look beautiful as always. Speaking of--I saw your doppleganger yesterday in Rensselaer. She was running with a group of girls and she looked so much like you, I thought it was you...for a quarter of a second.

  2. Not gonna lie: I definitely had to look that one up (doppelganger). Hahaa!Do you remember Lindsay Sims? When we were both in track, I always used to make jokes when I saw her across the field. I'd say, "What am I doing over there? I thought I was over here."We looked rather similar then. I'm not so sure about now. :P

  3. February is truly foul, is it not? I'll bet that's why your wee, little tamale is dancing around. He/She is freaking freezing! P.S. When you wrote that you guys drove through an "awesome blizzard", all I could think of was Dairy Queen. Well done.P.P.S. omhxtw