Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nora's Walkin' Now

It's kind-of strange. She didn't just all-of-a-sudden start walking. She basically just eased into it. She'd take a step now and then, and she'd sink down to her bum. Then, sometimes she'd take two or three steps from one place to another. Now, in the last two days, I'm pretty sure I've caught her walking from room to room without any help. I think she walked from the hallway into my office yesterday, and then today, I'm pretty sure I just watched her walk from the bathroom to her bedroom and then back out to the hallway. I'm actually blogging right now just to make sure that this isn't a dream or something that I've imagined. I've had dreams where she's walked before, and I just kind-of thought that when she really started walking, there'd be, like, some sort of fanfare that says, "Hey! She's walking now!"

I can't actually mark the day that she started walking. Isn't that kind-of sad? She just eased into it, and she continues to do so. If there ever were a gray area for walking, we're kind of coming out of it.

She still wants me to grab her hands and walk her around (she demands it, actually), but I think she's about to do it all solo very soon.

Check this out (this just happened):

And this one is from yesterday. I thought I was going to catch her walking back out of my office (I had caught her walking into the office just before I started recording):

Here are just a couple of cute pics from this morning. She was playing so well by herself.



She's growin' up on us.

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  1. That child is so cute, I could just spit. I got very excited watching her take some of those steps. I mean, I bet you thought it was kind of cool, too.