Thursday, May 7, 2009

Funeral, Pets, and General Grossness

Oof. I am seriously tired, but I'm going to take a moment to update about what we've been up to the last 48 hours.

On Tuesday night, we drove to Lafayette, crashed at the Brown house (nobody was home but the doggies), and Wednesday, we got up really, really early and headed down to Seymour for Willi's uncle Gary's funeral (he is technically my uncle Gary, too, but I thought I should clarify since I actually have another Uncle Gary from my dad's side of the family).

At the funeral, we saw some family we hadn't seen in a long time, so that was nice. Some people even got to meet Nora for the first time.

The service for Uncle Gary was really quite lovely (good hymn choices and sweet messages from everyone involved). I'm grateful that Nora didn't freak out and crawl away under the pews. She did fairly well (she wasn't perfect, by any means), but she did better than she could have.

After the luncheon, we hopped in the car and headed home with one, quick pit stop in Lafayette to pick up the dog. We discovered that Abby, the Browns' lovely cairn terrier, magically had gotten out of her cage and the room in which she was closed (by a door, nonetheless). Nothing serious was lost except for a pair of my underwear (we had our stuff sitting in the kitchen ready to go). I did my best to clean up the tissues she had shredded and strewn everywhere from the bathroom trash cans. I can only imagine what the rampage must've looked and sounded like (I imagine a lot of growling and pitter-pattering all over the house). I can also only imagine how she got out—maybe with the help of a particular lanky cat? I think this all sounds much like a Disney movie waiting to happen. This was also, apparently, her first jail break. Watch out, guys!

Nora hasn't been sleeping well this week. I think it's because we've been on the road more than usual, and it's really exhausted her. Last night, she woke up three times (and the previous night in Lafayette, she woke up twice). The third time, I finally just dragged her into bed with us because I couldn't sit with her and rock her back to sleep one more time—I was exhausted (she only wants me when she wakes in the night, too). She doesn't typically sleep with us (I don't sleep well when she's in bed with us), but I was just that desperate. Today, I'm a lot more tired than I've been in a long time.

When we got home yesterday, we remembered that it was "Spring Cleanup Day" in our community. We had visions of grabbing a couch from our basement, cutting it in half (it wouldn't fit up the stairwell unless it was in pieces), and throwing it on the curb for this particular day. As soon as we pulled into the driveway (from Seymour), Willis hopped out of the car, went downstairs, and started ripping it apart. I'm glad to say that he was successful, and that disgusting couch was gone. Unfortunately, that gross couch had lots of creepy remnants inside it from the previous owners (I bought the couch for $50 at the mission outlet store in Lafayette shortly before Willi and I got married). Among the creepy remnants was a photo of two kids and a dog passed out on said couch, some GI Joe legs, nail clippers (shudder), an empty plastic bottle, a matchbox car, a ball (probably belonged to the dog), and some other stuff. So, so gross. I'm glad it is gone. Now, we can start the cleanup process of the basement (and get a play area set up for Nora)!

While Willi was ripping the couch apart, I discovered some cat vomit near the dog and cat food containers (thank God I have their food sealed off in plastic containers down there). Our cat is an avid vomiter, but this particular time, his vomit had remains of something other than just cat food. After some analyzing (and after stepping on it, like, three different times because I'm a moron), I realized it was a mouse. I have never seen a mouse in this house until that moment. (Also, thank God I am not easily nauseated during this pregnancy.)

By golly, that cat is actually good for something. It's about time. He earned himself a few pats on the head last night (even though I was a bit traumatized that I kept stepping in it—that is pretty much my fault for not cleaning it up right away while roaming around down there looking for items to throw out for "Spring Cleanup").

In other news, Nora is taking a fairly glorious nap today. She's about to close in on her third hour of snoozing. So, hopefully, this will get her back to normal. Willi and I, on the other hand, still need to catch up on some sleep. Oi. I'm also trying to catch up on some work. So, I'd better get back to that. Catch you kids later!

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  1. You poor thing, you sound exhausted! I also have experience with cats earning their keep. For example, Stella is an excellent bug finder and bug ripper aparter. Whenever she finds the spider, there is excessive petting and lots of, "Very good kitty! Very, very good kitty!"I hope Nora's sleep schedule is back on track and that you manage to fit a nap in there somewhere!