Monday, May 18, 2009

Little People Need Little Tools

Nora has been absolutely obsessed with any and all cleaning items lately. She mostly loves our broom and our dust mop. I always feel so bad whenever she tries to play with these things because not only are they nasty (because they have been well-used), but they are also way, way too big for her. I've been on the search, for a few months, to find some kid-sized cleaning tools so that she can feel a bit more helpful. My friend, Lena, turned me towards Montessori Services today ( I had been searching on the NOVA Natural Toys and Crafts website, and I was disappointed at the price. (I also checked with Freecycle to see if anyone had anything like this lying around, but nobody has responded.) Check out what I found:

I found this awesome corn broom. Now, Nora will be able to help me sweep
up the kitchen (or maybe even the basement since she loves it down there).

And this was a little dusting set. It comes with a dust mop,
a dust pan, and a little wisk broom. I'm totally thrilled.

I found these things for under $25 including shipping! So, I'm pretty excited. They have some awesome yard/gardening tools and some other really neat things on there that I'm going to be looking into near Christmas/Birthday time as well. I think Nora would really get a kick out of this stuff (I always enjoyed the toys that were "real" things that you could actually use).

And yes: I'm aware that this probably makes me boring. What are you gonna do?


  1. Heather Raye PetersonMay 18, 2009 at 1:35 PM

    Jenny, Jenny, Jenny you must find a local dollar store!  If they don't have kid-versions they at least have cheap, plastic, adult versions of things.  Also, I like swiffer dusters.  :)  They almost make dusting fun. 

  2. @Heather Raye Peterson - Everything I get at the Dollar Store (that's plastic) falls apart in, like, five minutes. I did pick up a microfiber duster for Nora awhile back (from the grocery store). I can pull that thing off and wash it. Unfortunately, she's not terribly interested in that quite yet (she goes for the big stuff). The Dollar Store is a good place to get sturdy stuff that doesn't have, like, attached/moving parts, though. I'll agree with that.

  3. Jenny,It just occurred to me yesterday that I should have recommended their catalog (Small Hands). I got it a few years ago for the first time. I have made lists of things I want from there several times...pretty much everything in the catalog...Jody

  4. Really. This does not make you boring. Thomas LOVES helping me clean. He actually throws a fit every time I put the vacuum away. He loves "sweeping" and vacuuming too. We found him a kid's play vacuum at a yard sale and he plays with it pretty much more than any of his other toys. What's up with kids wanting so much to clean?? Too bad they lose it by the time they hit 5 years old. :)