Friday, November 20, 2009

A Text Entry About the Kids (for Once)!

Willis got Nora out of her bed this morning before he went to work, and when he brought her into our room, she pointed to everyone and said who they were. She said, "Mommy. And Henry. And Hobbes."

Then, she turned, saw the cat and said, "A NUT!"

Man, am I glad I don't call him other names (you know: the names that I want to call him that have, like, four or five letters).

She also says, "penguin," now, and you can actually understand it when she says it.

When Henry cries, she'll go, "Henry sad," and she'll say it with a sad, little voice.

Nora also has begun requesting naked time. She'll say, "Neked!?" or "Nakey!?"

It cracks me up! When she's naked she's a happy camper, too. I just wish she were potty trained so I didn't have to worry about chasing her with a cloth diaper to sop up any messes she might make (and she hasn't made any messes in awhile). She's too young and uninterested in that yet, though.

The other night, we went to the I Street Tavern (our favorite local restaurant), and we realized that we may be at a point where we can't go out to eat with her (at least not for a good while). She went a bit nutty. She's almost two, after all. That's a bummer for me because sometimes, going to the I Street Tavern is the only time I might leave the house in a week or two. Sometimes I go to the grocery, I guess. Woohoo. It is what it is, though.

Little Henry is really cooing up a storm lately. He's such a sweet, happy little baby! As I'm typing this, he's a-hootin' and a-hollerin' in his play gym. He's telling the little animals what for, I guess. So funny!

He's been sleeping so well lately, too. I knew it would get better. I just had to wait for it. We're on our way to catching up, now! (We've still got a ways to go: we're still recovering from that labor!)


  1. I don't know if you've seen this, but if not, YOU NEED TO:Naked Time

  2. @Sara - YESSS!!! I had seen that long ago before I had kids, and man . . . it's so much funnier now. It was really funny then, but it's even funnier now.