Friday, November 13, 2009

Speaking of My Brain Being Goo . . .

I went to Walmart today to grab a few things. One of those things was a 35 gallon tub (for storing my trophies from high school and whatnots). I remember thinking, "Self, let's be sure to grab the correct lid. Grabbing the wrong lid would be bad."

And it was bad.

I somehow managed not to grab the correct lid. In fact, the lid I grabbed was, like, at least six inches longer than the tub. I have no idea how I managed to screw that up even though I was forcing myself to focus on grabbing the correct lid.

One would've thought that I'd have noticed my mistake as I was checking out at the register. No. One would've thought, perhaps, that I might have noticed while putting the tub in the car. No. Instead, I was in my driveway at home when I made the discovery. I went to place the lid onto the tub to carry it into the house, and voila! Instant headache.

I'm just glad the kids were still sitting in their car seats (asleep) when I discovered this so that I didn't have to go and put them right back into the car for the return trip. That, my friends, would've been sick.

Instead, it's just stupid. Hilarious. But, stupid.

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