Monday, April 26, 2010

Bailey's Baptism

Mom, Dad, Henry, and Aunt Julie

Henry and Aunt Julie


Nora being still for a millisecond.

A gaggle of nieces and nephews.

Jerm and Marlene (they're holding little Bailey).

Nora wanted to sit on Granddad's lap.

There's Bailey!

Look at that gown!

Henry's doin' well with Julie here, and Nora is curled up in Dad's lap.

Jennifer, Molly, Reagan, and Ben.

Nora, Willis, and Henry. Killian is in the background along with Mary Shine.



Willis struggling to keep the kids from shrieking.

Nora took this pic.

And this one.

And this.

And this.

Then, she got her swerve on at the reception.

She slept well that night.

Henry and Willis.

Watching Nora dance.

Good times!

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  1. check out that cute jacket mom is wearing!!!! Yay! We can't wait to see you all and the kiddos again :)