Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesdays

My gal pal, Sara, does this on Tuesdays, and today, I felt the urge to join her. I don't know that I'll be able to pull this off every Tuesday (nor would you want me to since I'm, like, a boring, mom-lady), but I think it sounds like a good time. See this link for her most recent Hey, It's Okay Tuesdays.

Hey, it's okay . . .

. . . to consider and reconsider getting on Twitter because your Facebook feed is just not cutting it when it comes to feeding your need for voyeurism.

. . . to celebrate the fact that you got a shower, even if it wasn't solo.

. . . to want to abandon work and run off into the hills with your kids.

. . . to wish that one of those kids could actually run instead of you having to carry and/or sling his heavy bum (but not wish it too hard).

. . . to want your kids to nap (because if they don't, they become replaced by scary, little demons), but secretly want them to wake up so that you can take them to the park because you actually have time to do it.

. . . to have absolutely no focus or motivation because you're not sleepin' much.

. . . to long (at least a little bit) for the day when "sleeping in" is later than, like, 6:45 a.m.

. . . to let your kid nap with two penguins—even if one of them really needs to be stashed at all times for emergency reasons.

. . . to think that baby food tastes good.

. . . to recognize that your kid's cuteness is mostly for his own self-preservation.

. . . to do what Sara is doin' just because she's cool.

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  1. Yay, well done!Thanks for the shout-out, lady.And I'm told that some kinds of baby food are actually quite good... so I think that is totally okay.