Monday, April 12, 2010

Penguin Mommy

This morning, I was folding laundry in the basement, and I overheard a conversation Nora was having with her Penguin. Here's the transcript:

Oh, no Penguin! You okay? What happened? Did you hit your head? I so sorry, Penguin. [She hugs him.] Aww. It's okay.

Hey! How 'bout this? [She sets the penguin down on a riding toy.] Good job, Penguin!

Wanna go outside, Penguin? Okay. Here go. [I wasn't actually looking when she said this, but I know it took place on the outside of her little play house.]

Time for nigh-nights, Penguin. [She takes Penguin and lays him down inside her play house.] Goodnight! Love you! [Then, she closes the door to the play house.]

Penguin wake up! Good Morning, Penguin! Good morning! [She grabs him up and hugs him.]

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