Monday, April 12, 2010


Whelp. Here it is so far.

Willi drives the spikes.

He ripped out the old, gross fence in 15 minutes with an axe/sledge combo.
Sadly, I couldn't find a "before" photo of that gross fence, and I totally forgot to take one.
Trust me. It was gross.

Henry spent a lot of time like this. He refused to nap.


Supplies! (Get it?)

That opening will be a gate. Eventually.

The fence will be painted white, too. Once it's done. The opening there has yet to be
filled with a transition of some sort.

There's the rubble from the old, gross fence. We still have some space to fill here, too.
It's coming along, though!

More of the picket in the upper yard.


View from the patio. We're also going to be putting picket along the patio and sidewalk edges.

Sure. It may look like it was put up by toddlers, but we did it, by golly. We anticipate finishing
up the whole thing in mid-May (based on busy weekends, etc.).

The end!

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