Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Have Been Requested

Miss Sara says I need to update my blog, so I'm takin' some time out of the day to make it happen. I've gotta keep the readers happy. All four of you. Teehee.

I've been fairly stressed lately, I guess. It just sort of snuck up on me. I've got a lot going on for work at the moment, and I'm really looking forward to that calming down soon. I swear, when it gets busy with work, it gets ridiculous. Not only is it ridiculous, but this past week had to be National Be Annoying Week. I got all sorts of requests from people for random projects (because nobody is busy right now, so they come up with all kinds of crazy ideas to boost sales or whatever), and they all had the underlying tone of, "I know you're not doing anything over there in your house, so why don't you do this project for me right now?"

I might be one of the few people in my company right now that are actually insanely busy. I suppose I should be grateful, eh? I think I'll be more grateful in about two weeks when it's actually Spring and when I can actually take some time to go outside with my kid. I am really, really looking forward to that. In the meantime, I suppose this gross weather is fitting since I'm stuck inside workin' hard.

I'm really lookin' forward to Spring. Have I mentioned that? Waking up to a blanket of snow on the ground today admittedly made me a little sad. I thought we were in Spring mode. Guess not. It better be good when it gets here.

In other news, I about broke my cat's neck last night. I have a feeling the full moon did something to him because he was messing with me all night long. He was opening my drawers (with the intent to lay in them), he was walking across me, he was sleeping with his butt in my face, he tried to take my pillow, at one point, he was chewing on my pillow, he was playing with my hair, he knocked something glass over downstairs after I threw him out of the bed (luckily for him, he didn't break it), and every time I looked at his face in the moonlight, I saw two very dilated pupils. The idiot. This morning, he had the nerve to go and take a nice little nap in our bed, so I made sure to annoy him every few minutes. I played with his tail. I meowed at him. I had Nora go up to him and say, "Keeeetee."

I made my fingers walk across his body. When he looked at me with a face that said, "What the crap is your problem," I responded with, "Payback's a _____, isn't it, kitty?"

Yeah. I was that annoyed last night. I am now seeking revenge on a cat.

In other news, I know of a great cat that needs a home.

Nora's gotten into "silent reading" lately. It's pretty funny. She just sits there with a book and turns the pages one by one. Occasionally, she'll read excerpts aloud. I rather like that.

She also really enjoys her shape sorter toy—not only does she wear it as a hat, but she's actually really good at putting the correct shapes through the correct holes. I know that doesn't really sound exciting in the scheme of things, but I think it's pretty cool that she figured that out.

She also talks on her phone a lot. When I interrupt her conversation to ask, "Are you on the phone," she looks at me with a face that says, "Um. I'm on the phone."

I don't know where she gets that, but she looks really busy and really important.

She gets her pictures taken tomorrow with Maggie again. I'm so excited! Hopefully, I'll be able to share those soon. (Boy. I sure hope I score a shower before then. Oh. Is this out loud?)

I have some photos and a video to share of my little rascal. I'll put those in a separate post after I finish up this one.

Also, I have discovered Pandora Internet Radio. Man. Is that sweet or what? That's helping my "longing for Spring" blues.

Alright. End of post.

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  1. You're a true lady. You will never know how the 3 minutes it takes me to read your blog improve my day. It may seem small to you, but it helps. Good God, does it help!