Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh, and Then There's This

Okay, so I'll go ahead and share some more stuff right now while I can make some time. I can't help myself.

This video didn't go exactly as I had hoped, but it does somewhat capture Nora's reaction. Every day, Nora hands me her little phone after she talks to "the person," and I think she wants me to, like, deal with them or something. Whenever I ask "the person," "Do you want to talk to Nora about it," she always shakes her head and makes that face. Sometimes, she even goes, "Noooooo!"

It's pretty stinking funny.

She is in a stage right now where everything is a phone. We always catch her going, "Heooo? Okay," with just about anything up to her ear (a banana, a remote control, a shoe, etc.).

She's good times.

Gotta go for now!


  1. I love her expression when you say, "Is it your boyfriend or something?" she had been playing along, and suddenly she's like, 'What?' hah!She is so adorable. Good grief. Can we betroth our children now? hah!By the way, I'm glad to see that Thomas isn't the only baby who has a huge gap between front teeth and molars. He has 7 teeth right now. Four front top, two front bottom, and one top molar. I thought it was weird. I'm glad to see it's not!!

  2. @oh_susanna_o - Haha! I know what you're saying about that reaction. It's almost as if she's offended that I suggested that it was her boyfriend calling.If you recall, I have large gaps in my teeth. I do wonder who's teeth this kid is going to get. While I have huge gaps, I've never had any cavities.Nora's still teething at this point. She keeps drooling all over the place. Does Thomas do that, too?

  3. @TheDill - Ohhh yeah he drools like a madman most of the time. His shirts are usually soaked within about 10 minutes or so of being put on. I don't know when he's supposed to get the rest of those suckers, but for his sake, I wish they'd come in already. He gnaws on everything he can fit into his mouth--well, that is, his fist. I hope Thomas gets Andy's teeth...Good grief, you're lucky about the no cavities. I have at least one each time I go to the dentist. And I take really good care of them. Andy, on the other hand, never has any cavities and takes awful care of his teeth--and eats sweets all the time. I was gypped, I tell ya!

  4. That's hilarious. Look at that mouth full o' teeth!!!! She is so stinking cute.