Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bathroom Talk

In other news, Nora has been doing awesomely with the potty. She has been consistently peeing in it for the past two days (I didn't push this on her, she requested nakedness).

She hasn't pooped in the toilet yet, and I don't really expect her to.

I am completely thrilled that she's even remotely consistent with the pee, though. (She's been going pantsless with the occasional big-girl undies—all by request.)

We had one slight accident when Daddy pulled into the driveway last night, but I'll chalk that one up to excitement. As soon as I caught her, I put her on the potty, and she peed again. So, I wasn't bothered by it. Plus, the mess she made wasn't bad at all.

She absolutely loves to flush the toilet, so as a reward for her proper pee placement, I allow her to flush the toilet (after we dump her pee into the big potty). Then we wash hands—another favorite bathroom past time of my little lady (she likes to wash her hands and sing the ABC song like her OCD mother taught her).

Boy. That lack of money I spent on that potty from my Freecycle list has really paid off! (I'm patting myself on the back, in case you were curious.) (And, yes. I did buy another potty prior to the Freecycle potty from NOVA for 15 bucks, and that poor, little potty will most likely become a planter. I was a bit naïve about that purchase. I'll admit it.)

Nora's supposed to be getting a new booster seat from UPS tomorrow (I got a Prince Lionheart rubber booster—see photo below)! I read a lot of reviews on this puppy. It's supposed to be a better value than its more expensive counterpart—the BabySmart Cooshee.

I'm so excited! This means that once it arrives, Henry will be able to sit in the high chair with us at dinner time. He's not eating solids yet, but at least the poor kid can join us at the table like he so badly wants. We've put him in the Bumbo seat at the table a few times, but the bugger can wiggle out of that business. It makes for some nervous dinner posture for all parties involved.

Gotta go for now.

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  1. I hear girls are easier than boys because they are less content to wallow in their own filth.I hope that's true with the first one, at least!