Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Forgot a Couple of Kid Things


What going on here, guys?
Whenever I am making Henry laugh, Nora will come running over saying, "What going on here, guys?"

It makes me laugh every single time—and not just because of what she's saying. Her face is always inquisitive, too.

Baby Jesus and manger
Nora still keeps talking about Baby Jesus and the manger every time we eat lunch together. (I had a nativity scene in our built-in china cabinet that is in our dining room over the Christmas season.) She keeps saying, "Baby Jesus sleep, Mommy?"

"Until next year, Nora."

Sometimes, when I'm changing her diaper (which is rare now, by the way), she'll ask me to sing "Santa Town." For those of us on the home team, that means "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

I always tell her that he's going to come next Christmas. Sheesh.

Doggy Song!
My parents sent Nora an eCard for her birthday that had a sweet, Jamaican song on it sang by some Rastafarian doggies. Her birthday was over a month ago, and would you believe that kid is still asking to hear that song nearly every day?

Here's the link to that card.

I mean: it is kind-of catchy. I know all the words now since I have to sing it on demand sometimes.


Growing out of all of his six months clothes already.
Yep. Le sigh.

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  1. I don't know if I'm logged in or not... but it's susanna. I just had to comment about what Nora says to you & Henry. Thomas' thing is, "What's doin, mommy?" "What's doin, daddy?" I'm glad he's not the only one who has to know... all the time. :)