Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Penguins!

Yesterday, we lost Nora's penguin. We have a stunt-double penguin on hand at all times when this happens. I searched the house high and low, and I finally quit the good fight. So, she got her stunt-double.

Just moments ago, while I was working hard for a deadline, Nora came up here with both penguins in her arms exclaiming, "Two penguins!"

She obviously has a preference for the original penguin, and she's been making them hug and kiss. I explained to her that we have two so that we always have one if we lose one. I don't think she quite understood what I was saying, nor did she care—she was holding two penguins!

I also asked her where she found the other penguin, and the rat wouldn't tell me. I do wonder where she found him. It is fascinating.

She's still going strong with the potty! How cool is that? I just have to change diapers at nap time and bed time right now! Wheee!


  1. They always know... and they always find the stunt double!

  2. That was really smart to have a stunt double!  I remember going on a trip with a family as the babysitter, and the youngest had some sort of sippy cup thing that he always had to have with him.  And on the way home, we lost it.  And there was a major meltdown.  If only we'd had a stunt double!