Monday, February 15, 2010

What the Deuce?

Today is a day that will be remembered. Nora had her first, intentional "movement" in the potty.

I am thrilled.

We're already going through less diapers (albeit, they are cloth—so less laundry) around here, and that alone is boosting my motherhood morale. Big time. Sometimes, changing the diapers of two children all day long can make a girl weary. And a bit weepy—depending on the day.

The fact that this day has come is extra surprising: we were visiting my parents this weekend, and she was in diapers throughout that visit. It wasn't particularly reassuring that she really used them. In fact, I under packed when it came to diapers for her (I didn't anticipate the sheer volume of, um, stuff).

Today, she even went all morning without "wet incidents," and used the potty every time! I never would've dreamed that this kid would be willing already—she's just 2 years and a month old! (Mind you, I'm reminding myself that potty training doesn't really happen overnight. I know that there's a good possibility we could be celebrating these little "wins" for over a year from now. I'm just thrilled to be celebrating a win at all!)

In other similar news, Nora doesn't seem to mind that Henry is now sitting in her high chair while she sits in a booster seat at the table. He wanted to join us. He likes it. I think Nora does, too (although, she is jealous that he gets toys instead of dinner).

In other news that is not of the similar variety, it is snowing again. On alllll the different hiiiiiighways.

The end.

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  1. Well done, Nora!Way to put that mess in its place!