Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On the Subject of Trick-or-Treat

I didn't get much chance last night to elaborate on Halloween (and I had intended to), so I'll take a moment now to do that since my work computer is absolutely crawling along today. It's killing me.

It's always a learning experience when it comes to handing out Halloween candy. I always think I have enough candy, but then I find that I'm always sorely mistaken. I have always run out half-way through trick-or-treat. I don't suppose I help myself by handing out two pieces at a time at first. I need to quit doing that. I bought four big bags of good candy: that should last two hours, I'd think! Note to self: only one piece of candy at a time!

I must've had four couples that came to my house with an infant (we're talking under four months) passed out in a car seat/stroller. Would you believe these people would walk up to me with a bag of candy and say, "She/he says, 'Trick or treat.'"

Are you kidding me? I should've grown a pair and said, "Um. No. I'm pretty sure your kid isn't saying that."

Instead, I just opted for the weird look and the reluctant release of candy into the bag of the idiot parents (I'm such a wuss). What the crap are they thinking: free candy for Mom and Dad? That has to be it—I sure as crap hope that they're not feeding that candy to their less-than-four-month-old (Nora's nearly 10 months old, and I'm not feeding her any candy).

It was ridiculously cold and windy out, too. That's not good for a kid under four months. It wasn't even good for Nora, and I had her all bundled up (in her frog costume) and on my lap while I passed out the candy. She didn't last long: she only sat out there with me for about 30 minutes or so (and she was having a blast watching all the people). In fact, the only reason I took her into the house was because she started squirming out of my arms, and that started to get difficult when I was needing to guard my candy from all the little kids who got greedy eyes when they spotted my stash.

I saw an abundance of older teenagers trick-or-treating, too. I was alarmed at how many said absolutely nothing when they came up to my porch to collect. Kids today! I'd always make sure to say loudly, "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

Next year I might do what my neighbors did: get some cheap candy (Dum-Dums) to hand out to rude people (that includes the trick-or-treating parents) and teenagers. I think that might be the most brilliant idea ever.

Almost everyone thought Nora was a boy, too (those that didn't know her). Frogs can be girls, people.

In other news, Nora's on her second nap of the afternoon. It's been a bit of a weird napping day. When she wakes up, I'm going to go pick up some saw horses from someone on my Freecycle list (hopefully), and then I've got to run over to Ace to pick up our storm windows for the back door!

Also, both of our toilets have broken on us in the last week. Floyd says he's going to be starting on our bathrooms here soon (hopefully he will start this week), and I really hope he does. It's really, really annoying to have to open up the tank of the toilet (and shove my hand down into the cold water) every time I need to flush. We can't justify fixing them because we're about to rip them out: it's maddening!

Dilly out.

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