Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wah Wah

Admittedly, I've been in a bit of a funk lately, but I'm working on it. It's not, like, post-partem depression or anything of that nature. And yes: Willis and I are just as good as ever. There's just been a lot of other stuff happening. In fact, Nora's been a big help with everything. No matter how I seem to be feeling, when that kid looks at me, I can smile again. See what I mean?

Yesterday, I about burned the house down by accident. I decided I wanted some hot cocoa, so I started heating up the kettle. About two hours later (I get distracted), I started smelling smoke. Right about then, I remembered what I had done, and when I bolted down the stairs, I was seriously fearful that I was going to find our kitchen in flames. I didn't, though, so I suppose I should be feeling lucky (or blessed). Instead, I just feel kind-of stupid.

Here are some other random photos. The dresser that I've been refinishing is in there along with some snapshots of our street. I meant to get out there sooner (while the leaves were in their prime) to take those, but I suppose it still looks pretty out there.

I just burned my mouth on some hot cocoa a little bit ago (and yes, I remembered that I had the kettle on this time). I have a wuss mouth anyway, but dang. It hurt.

In other news, I constantly have Disney Channel songs in my head. I wasn't ever really going to let Nora watch TV, but sometimes, when I'm giving her breakfast in her car in the morning, I flip on the Disney Channel. It's the only channel that has lots of music on it (that I'm willing to let her watch), and this kid absolutely loves it! She otherwise doesn't really watch TV during the day, but I've been able to catch several shows that are on in the mornings. I find myself singing songs from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (hot dog!), Handy Manny (¡jugamos juntos!), and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. I never thought that'd happen. I guess we do have the Disney Channel on in the background when I am watchin' Marian, too. I'm sure that helps.

Nora's awake in her crib and talking. This is what she's saying, "Oohgahdooh! Digga digga! (Pfffffft!) Ahhh! (Pfffft!) Mama. (Pffft!) Ohh."

Good stuff. I'mma gonna go squeeze her.

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