Friday, March 12, 2010


Nora was trying to reach the faucet and the soap when she wanted to wash her hands, and she said, "I can't reach it, Mom!"

She said it just like that. We have now entered the world of complete, semi-correct sentences, and it makes me a little sad.

Also, I realized today that Henry is too big for the baby bath tub I've been using. He might have been too big for it a few weeks ago (and I might have just been ignoring that fact until I realized today that he is just going to flop out of there).

It's funny how we [parents] want them to stay eternally small, but if they aren't growing, that's not a good thing. So, I should suck it up and be thrilled, right? Bittersweet, it shall be. I just hope I can always easily recall all these memories.

Willis has said many times that he's envious of how much time I get to spend with these guys. I feel sad that he can't be here with us all the time. That's how it works, though. We're at least glad that one of us can be here with them. That's a big deal for Willis—he feels better knowing that at least I am here with them (so, in part, he's kind-of here, too). I know lots of parents [and friends] that would give anything to be able to be home with their little ones every day. I recognize that we are lucky, but it's also important to recognize that when things are ideal, we still want something more. That's our nature. It is what it is, I suppose. It's good, though, when we all just want to be with our families more and more. It says a lot of good about the world we're all raising.

Okay. I'll stop getting all emo on you, now. Proceed with your day!

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