Friday, March 26, 2010

She Don't Use Jelly

I typically pride myself on doing a good job of keeping messy things out of Nora's reach (especially with items that can write on walls, stain things, etc.). Some things that she can reach, however, have lids on them, and up until today, she was incapable of opening them.

A little while ago, she told me she needed to change Penguin's diaper. So, I said, "Go for it, honey!"

After about five minutes of silence (after she had gone), I got up to head to the bathroom. On my way, I saw that she had pulled her bathroom stool over to the changing table area, and I saw that a jar of Vaseline was open. I moved closer to see the damage.

That girl slathered a quarter-inch layer of Vaseline on that penguin's bum. I kid you not. Then, she managed to touch oh-so-many things after that. I'm still fighting the aftermath. I'm also contemplating how I'm going to wash that penguin and her pajamas (that are coated with a nice, thick layer of petroleum jelly).

I guess I should be glad she didn't open up the baby powder and go for it, too (like a tar and feather approach).

Perhaps I shall move all these potentially openable items, now. The problem is, where the heck does a mom move all that stuff that she needs to use for diaper changing (things need to be within reach when you've got a squirmer on the table).

I may give Nora another chance. She seems to avoid messing with things again once she's seen that they cause me anguish. I generally have been doing a two-strike rule, and that seems to be working out so far. We'll see.

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  1. It's not really bad until they start going for the nail guns, right?I mean, that's more of a toy you give a 4-year old, isn't it?