Friday, March 26, 2010

Sideways Underpants

This morning, Willis changed Nora out of her night-time diaper (which is actually just one, thin cloth diaper now instead of the gigantic bubble-bum that she had not so long ago) and into her big girl underwear. I remember lying in bed thinking, "Sweet. He took care of that for me."

Then, later in the morning, Nora said she had to go potty, so I took her to the bathroom and helped her (she has on zip-up, footed pajamas today). When I pulled the pajamas down, I discovered that her underwear was on sideways (her waist was in a leg hole).

There was no way she could've pulled those buggers down by herself! I laughed pretty hard about that. I can only imagine the look on Willi's face as he wiggled those onto Nora's bum this morning.

I have learned that Dads tend to get a little confused about little girls' clothes and how they work. It's rather amusing. I can't fault the guy for trying, though. Sideways underwear is better than many other things that could have been.

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