Monday, January 19, 2009


Man. This kid has suddenly taken a turn for the mildly difficult. Since she turned one, she's been waking up in the night. Every single night, she's awakened at least once. Plus, she quit her morning nap (although, she did take one this morning, but I'll chalk that up to her being awake extra early). She hates taking naps in general now, too. So, I'm not sure what happened to my good sleeper. (She opted out of a nap this afternoon, unfortunately.)

What's more, when she gets tired (which is often now since she's not sleeping as much), she likes to get into everything that's off limits. So, life is somewhat interesting for me right now. She's not even walking yet, and I'm just getting worn out by this kid! I still want to squish her constantly, but holy crap! I'm getting too tired to do it!

Here are some photos of her climbing up onto the coffee table (which she's not allowed to do, by the way). I just had to capture her doing it because, honestly, she's getting somewhat defiant and testy with me about it. She's getting defiant and testy about many things, actually. I'm learning, however, that Nora finds my frustration hilarious. This is probably not good. Not good at all. (She is my kid, I think.)


She's all like, "What are you gonna do about it?"

Here are some more pics that I took yesterday.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
 Photobucket Photobucket
Here are some cute videos, too.

 My camera battery biffed last night. We thought my old camera battery would work in the new camera, but we were sadly mistaken. Kodak made the battery have some sort of weird key feature on it that keeps it from fitting into the new camera. It's really stupid, I think, because they're both Kodak cameras. I guess they just want people to dump money on batteries. So, I guess my photos and videos have to go on haitus until I can find a suitable battery replacement.
Nora keeps closing herself into the guest room and crying about it as I'm typing this post. I think I'm gonna have to pull her out of there for good and close it off since she can't seem to handle it being open.
*Time Elapse*
Now that I've closed her out of the guest room, she's all up in my business now. She's fairly needy when she doesn't get a nap in the afternoon. Oi.
Tonight, I'm going to attempt to go to a yoga class at my church while Willi watches a baby. I hope it's not too weird. I think it'll be cool, though. Whether or not I go depends on how easily and quickly Willis gets home in this weather. So, we'll see.
I got my new pillow today! I ordered a memory foam pillow from last week because my current pillow is weak. My awesome, king-sized, feather pillow (that I got from Jody and Ben when I was eight years old) finally bit it, like, four times before I left it sitting in the basement a few months ago. I need to probably just throw it out at this point. It's a sad story. However, I do have hope for this new pillow. It better not disappoint. The reviews were all good. The price wasn't bad, either.
I forgot to mention that Willis and I have begun watching episodes of House. We started watching it over vacation (we're Netflixing all the seasons). It's a pretty good show. Several friends had told us we should watch it (because they knew we'd like it), and they were right. Good stuff.
Okay. Nora's starting to climb on the coffee table again. I need to, like, go feed her or something.
Dilly out.

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