Tuesday, January 20, 2009

General Update

I did end up going to yoga last night at my church (thanks to Willi). It actually was pretty neat. It definitely wasn't weird like I thought it could be. When we were all done, I was totally relaxed. I also learned some new poses that I hadn't seen before (I don't claim to be experienced with yoga at all, mind you). I think I'll be going to that again.

As I was leaving yoga last night, I busted a shoelace on my good winter shoes, and just after that, I busted a finger through my gloves. It was fantastic. Luckily, I was feeling good and warm, so it didn't phase me too badly at the time.

Nora definitely didn't nap in the afternoon for me yesterday, but today, she took a three-hour nap. It was glorious, and she couldn't have timed it any better. I had a load of stuff to do for work, and her napping really helped. She definitely went down with a fight, but she went down, at least. I hope this means she'll sleep through the night tonight ('cause she definitely didn't last night, either).

Nora did have her 12 month checkup today, and here are her new stats.

Height = 29.25 inches
Weight = 19 lbs., 14 oz. (with the penguin, she was 20 lbs.)
Head Circumference = 46.5 cm

Here's what BabyCenter.com says about the percentiles on those:

Length = in percentile 50
Weight = between percentile 25 and 50
Head Circumference = between percentile 75 and 90

So, maybe God isn't mocking us after all! Woohoo!

I still need to figure out a battery situation for my new camera. Isn't it weird seeing my posts photo and videoless?

My new pillow is fabulous! It's taking some slight getting used to, but I can already tell it's going to be wonderful. The only problem I had with it was that the stupid cat thought he should be sleeping on it with me, and after four times of shoving him off of it, I looked up to find an irritated cat (pupils fully dilated and jazzy to boot). So, obviously, the pillow is sweet. I may have to kill my cat now, though. That kind of crap cannot continue.

Willi and I are watching Melissa and Marian for awhile this evening while Kelly goes to class. So, I'd better get downstairs and get some dinner happening for us before they arrive.

Dilly out!

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