Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Willi and I are finally on vacation. We're not going anywhere, mind you, but we're on vacation. We're hangin' around at home, playin' with a baby, and workin' on some projects.

I'm finishing up that dresser I started working on back in, like, September, and after I do that, I plan to do a few things to finish up the bathroom downstairs (towel rods, the door needs some work, it needs cleaned again, etc.). I'll be sure to get some photos of that dresser when I wrap it up.

Willi has already reorganized the kitchen (which is actually really sweet, by the way), made a Thanksgiving meal (we're about to eat that this evening yet), and he plans to clean out his closet that remains in Nora's room (we're going to move into one closet—finally).

Tomorrow evening, we're actually going to go on a date for the first time since before Nora was born. So, that's pretty exciting! Kelly has offered to watch Nora bean for us while we go out to dinner and a movie. We're stoked!

On the subject of the bathrooms again, I am glad to report that the contractors are basically done. I just have to finish up a few things with the downstairs bathroom to get it "finished," and we have to replace the downstairs toilet when the manufacturer rep agrees to come out to our house (Floyd's on it). Our downstairs toilet is crooked. Believe it or not, it's not the floor of the house (which wouldn't be hard to believe since this house is so old), it's the actual ceramic of the toilet. Something must've been wrong with the mold or something. It's definitely a quarter of an inch off, and it looks so stupid under the cabinet that he put over the toilet. I suppose things couldn't just be perfect, eh? Such is life. Floyd (and we) didn't notice that it was even crooked until he installed that cabinet. I wondered about it (whenever I'd sit down on it, I'd feel like something was weird. Willis thought I was crazy), but I didn't have any evidence that it was crooked until the cabinet.

In other news, Nora's growing up so fast. It's hard to believe that she'll be one on Sunday. She totally says "kitty" all the time, and she's about two seconds from walking. She still barks when the dog barks, too. It's too stinkin' funny. Oh! We're also down to one nap a day now. She started fighting the morning naps, so we gave up on 'em. She also enjoys grabbing the stupid, plastic cap that covers the bolt on the base of the toilet and shoving it in her mouth. It's the perfect size to get lodged in there, and then I typically have a freak, panic attack because I have no idea how to get it out of her mouth. I usually end up ramming fingers in there (through the sides of her mouth) and popping it out (at the risk of hurting Nora's mouth, even). It's maddening 'cause she keeps sneaking it on me when I least expect it—she moves so freakin' fast!

Without further ado, I shall share some recent photos. They aren't as good as usual 'cause I ended up grabbing the camera quite a few times to point and shoot. I didn't get much of a chance to experiment. I tried experimenting with Nora in some of these, and they didn't turn out that well (mainly because they were done hurriedly). So, I'm hoping to get some time to get some really good, quality photos one of these days.



By the way, I totally just heard Willis yelling at the dog downstairs. I bet he got into some food. He already pulled the turkey carcass out of the trash can. Hobbes has been fairly unruly this evening. Oop. Oh. Now, he's up here sulking next to me like he thinks I'll help him or something. He's sorely mistaken. I'm usually the bad guy. He must be pretty desperate if he's turning to me for some kindness.

Gotta run!

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