Monday, July 13, 2009


I had an OB appointment this morning with my CNM (Certified Nurse-Midwife), Lisa. Everything is going along quite swimmingly, but she did tell me she has some bad news. "Hit me," I said.

She's moving to West Virginia the first week of August.


I'm so bummed. She's the only midwife around here, too (and that's largely why she's leaving: she is too busy with work to have a life, apparently). I can see why she needs to go, but . . . dang it, man. Deliver my kid first, will ya? Then you may go and have your life. (Can I get any more selfish?)

She said that she's strongly urged my OB to hire at least two midwives in her place so that things can go more smoothly. I sure hope he hires at least one. I really, really like the midwife thing. It'd be sweet if he hired one before this baby arrives (but I know my odds for that are not good).

So . . . yeah. I'm not sure what to do about that. I'm still in stunned mode for the moment.


In other similar-ish news, I have an MRI scheduled for the armpuff on Wednesday. So, that's still happening.



  1. That is really awful. I hope that your OB hires a midwife too.I know I might sound stupid asking you this, but what does a midwife do? I know you've talked about yours a lot, especially before Nora was born, and that you obviously really enjoy her part in your pregnancy and labor. But...what does she do? I feel dumb, sorry.

  2. @oh_susanna_o - This Wikipedia article covers it very generally Certified Nurse-Midwife. Basically, my CNM was there with me throughout my pregnancy (every appointment was with her), and what I liked most was that she was all about having as few interventions as possible in the labor and delivery process. She didn't do episiotomies, she didn't like to induce people (especially due to baby size—she said that is never a reason to induce), and she was mostly about helping women have a natural birth experience (if that's what the woman wants). I just preferred her over the usual OB (she just seemed less like a "doctor" and was in less of a hurry to force a birth, I guess). (I'm not saying my OB is bad: I actually feel like he's probably the best around, but I'd much rather have a CNM there to deliver my baby.)