Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mood Shift

Today has been much better than yesterday. The weather is awesome. Nora's been stinkin' sweet (and has taken a really good nap today). I didn't get my blood drawn. I got a lot of work (for work) done today. So, I'm finding it hard to complain.

I did, however, find out that when they told me that I have to fast for my surgery, that also includes water. How stinking harsh is that? They may not need to even put me under with that business. I can definitely complain about that, but on the whole, it's been a decent day.

After talking to the technician at the surgeon's office, calling my OB, and reading up on the internet a bit, I think I'm finally at peace with the decision to have the surgery on Monday. An article that really put things into perspective was one that Willis found and sent to me this morning. Here's the link to that article.

The most important part of the article that has helped to set us both at ease is this:

"Despite all of these potential problems, the workup on a palpable mass during pregnancy and lactation should not be postponed, as delayed diagnosis is one of the greatest dangers in this population. Because hormonal changes continue to progress during gestation, deferring diagnostic studies is not beneficial. If the patient plans to breast-feed, it is essential to establish a diagnosis as early as possible preferably before delivery. This approach avoids the risk of increased exposure to potentially detrimental high estrogen levels, may improve prognosis by detecting malignancy at an earlier stage, and reduces the risk of operative complications."

As much as the whole idea scares the crap out of me, I feel like I am actually making the best decision. That helps me.

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