Friday, July 31, 2009

Thank You

I'm not the type of person who asks for help, typically, but this week ended up being a bit more difficult than I had imagined.

Mom and Dad were here from Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon. They were here to watch Nora while I went into surgery, and Dad drove me to my OB appointment that was on Tuesday. Mom totally buffed up my kitchen (it looks all shiny in there now), and really helped pick up the house (after Nora had completely trashed the place). Dad took Nora to a local park on Tuesday, too. I think she had a blast with them. (Thank you for being here for us, guys.)

Mary Brown (my mother-in-law) came on Wednesday to help out. She gave Nora a bath, took us out to lunch, and entertained Nora all day while I did some work (for work). She got Nora outside some (which I think Nora appreciated: she's not been a fan of me not taking her outside as often as I usually do). I think Nora had a blast with her, too. (Thank you for being here for us, Mary!)

Thursday, a good, old friend of mine from high school, Bethany (Gerber) Johnson, came with her little girl. Nora and Emily got along really well (and I got some cute pictures of them playing that I'll have to upload eventually). Emily wore Nora out, and Nora napped incredibly well for me that day. Bethany helped pick up my living room, and she brought some food with her to share for lunch (and she left some goodies behind when she left, too). Bethany also lifted Nora up for me every time I needed, and that was really, really appreciated. I was also able to take a shower and get some work done that afternoon. It was lovely. It was so nice to catch up with Bethany, too. She's such a nice girl. (Thank you so much for coming to help, Bethany! It was good to see you after such a long time!)

Today, my best friend from high school (and probably the longest running, closest friend I've had) came 1.75 hours to be at my aid. She brought her sweet, little Cora Belle. They were not only pleasant company (that baby is seriously sweet), but Lena also managed to do, like, three loads of laundry (including washing our bedding) while she was here, she dusted for me, and she totally picked up my living room before she left. She also brought us presents. I should be bringing her presents! She was an amazing help. She also lifted Nora up for me every time I needed to lift her. What's sad: I had totally intended to do this for her when Cora was born, and here she was doing it for me! (Thank you, Bean. It was so nice having you and Cora here.)

Right now, Roomba (I will soon have a name picked for him) is vacuuming my bedroom. I love him. Seriously.

Thank you, guys! It's so awesome to be so blessed with such kind friends and family (and robots).

Willi will be here in just a few minutes. Then, we intend to take it seriously easy this weekend. I hope to not need any extra help next week.

Dilly out.

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  1. I'm so bummed I couldn't be there to help you out. Hah, I would say "next time!" but I am quite hopeful there won't be a "next time." :) I'm really glad that Bethany and Lena were able to come over and help so much. Thursday turned out to be a bit crazy, so it's good that I didn't tell you that I could come over. I wish I could have, though!!! If you need any other help, please do let me know. :)