Thursday, July 2, 2009

On a Lighter Note

Nora was having some regularly scheduled naked time this morning, and while I was not even looking (I was on the phone for work at the time, I think), she took it upon herself to pee in her potty (and on it a little . . . and around it a lot). I didn't even encourage it, and because I missed it, I didn't even get to celebrate it as it was happening. By the time I found it, she was like, "Yeah. That's old news. Where were you?"

I thought that was pretty cool.

She's actually sitting on her potty again right now (I'm letting her have a bit more half-naked time again before nap time). I have her potty in the room with us with her toys, etc. So, she sees it all day long and sits on it occasionally.

Nap time for a little one! Catch you kids later.


  1. is that supposed to help them want to use it more? Thomas isn't so sure about his. We have his in our bathroom, and sometimes he'll come in with me and he'll want to sit on his potty while I'm on mine. (he all about the mimicking lately, moreso than usual... I said "Damnit!" yesterday and I hear from the living room some form of "Damma!" So...yeah. I'm going to be refraining from that for a while...) But sometimes he wants nothing to do with it. And when he does sit on it, it's for maybe 5 seconds before he gets up to leave the bathroom. Also, are they supposed to get 'naked time' every day? I haven't read a darn thing about potty-training yet. He seemed like he might be interested a couple months ago, but that subsided very quickly, so I didn't follow up on it (other than getting a potty...which, awesomely enough, was free!). I probably should have read about it. That's awesome about her actually peeing somewhat in her potty! It's so funny that you didn't catch her doing it and that she didn't care about it by the time you found it.

  2. I like that you have "scheduled naked time". That child doesn't know just how lucky she is!