Monday, July 20, 2009


I saw the surgeon this morning about the results of my MRI. He threw out a lot of big words that I didn't really understand, but I got the gist of what he was telling me.

He mentioned that my arm tumor is not a lipoma (which I thought was a good thing until I read about a lipoma on Wikipedia). He also basically said that it's irregular and kind-of scary-looking, and he said it needs to come out, like, soon.

I asked him how soon "soon" is, and he said that it could probably wait about a week, but he does not think I should wait until September.

I told him that if it's something he thinks needs to happen, I'll be cooperative, but I want to be sure that it's okay for me to do this while I'm pregnant (they need to put me to sleep—full anesthesia). He is currently trying to get in contact with my OB to talk about it. I assume I'll be hearing something back at some point today. I've read up on it on the internet a bit today (I've not had a lot of time to read as much as I'd like, though), and all things I'm reading basically say that, depending upon the type of anesthesia used, it's fairly safe. I'll be interested to see what Dr. Ellis says. I was surprised to find out that it was actually okay to get an MRI (what they've said is that they haven't done extensive testing to find out if MRI causes issues—which is kind-of unsettling, but they also have not found any evidence that has incriminated MRIs that were used during pregnancy).

So . . . we'll see.

This is all pretty weird.

I'll post something if I know something.

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  1. Well best of luck with everything on the horizon. You all are definitely in our thoughts. If we can be of any help, please let us know.