Thursday, May 6, 2010

Henry, My Wonky Wonk

We took Henry to the ophthalmic consultation today. The appointment was at 8:15 a.m. Eastern Time. For those on the home team, that's at 7:15 a.m. moi time. We were up at 5:15 a.m. in Lafayette (Eastern). I'm not even going to do the math and say out loud what time that was Central Time. Mmkay?

So, anyway, we went to Riley in Indy. We got there just in the nick of time—there was construction and traffic and all sorts of nutsness. We didn't have to wait at all, which was awesome. I also had pre-filled out the paperwork, so I didn't have to deal with that, either.

The doctor examined a silly, cheerful Henry, and informed us that he has congenital ptosis (a droopy eyelid). She said that it takes a kid up to the age of eight to develop his vision, and she strongly encouraged us to wait until he's at least four years old to do the surgical procedure that would correct the lazy muscle in his eyelid. Here were her reasons:
  • His vision is fine right now.
  • His friends won't notice it for a long time (until he's probably at least four years old).
  • If we wait longer to do this fairly simple, outpatient procedure, it apparently becomes easier to avoid scarring (cosmetically speaking).
She does want to see him in nine months (and probably every nine months until we make a decision around the age of four—unless we have to do something about it sooner). So, we've made an appointment for February 3rd to do this bizness again. I'm okay with that. I like the idea of not having to do this procedure right now, but I also like that they're going to keep an "eye" on it. Heh. Get it? Eye. Yes. I went there.

So, Henry's okay. He's got a wonky eye, and I love him. We'll probably address it when he's around four years old unless they determine that his eyelid is causing issues.

She did reiterate that this droopiness will not go away on its own. I always ask that. Call me nutty.

Okay. I'm really tired.

I was all disoriented last night at the Brown (Scott and Mary's) house because I thought I was at my house, and I woke up in the middle of the night all sweaty and confused and yelling for Nora. I woke up Henry and Willis in the process. It wasn't pretty.

I don't even know what the dream was. I just remember wondering why our closet light was on (and it wasn't our closet light—it was the hall light at the Brown house).

Sleep, please! Thanks! Bye!


  1. Poor wonky, little monkey!He's still cuter than grits.

  2. Hey-- Sam and I live in Brownsburg just west of Indy.  Next time you're down this way, feel free to stop by and you can let the kiddos run crazy in the backyard or sunroom, blow off some steam, and relax a bit before heading back home.  Plus, it'd be great to see you! :)