Friday, May 28, 2010

Outdoorsy Types

We've spent a lot more time outside since we've got this fence thing going on.
It makes for good pictures. Have a looksie.

I love him.

Sprinkler's on!


"Whoo DO doo!"

"What the . . .?"

Henry no likey.

She's probably trying to write on my butt with that chalk. She looks innocent, though.

It's on!

Playing with her chalk.

She's a bit OCD sometimes. I know she's trying to meet them up perfectly here.
She's funny like that, and I get it. I get it.


She was trying to see if chalk is like a Slinky, and would you believe that it isn't?

Hobbes photo bomb.

Henry army crawls, but he does a lot of this (rocking back and forth).

Action shot.

He's focused.

Hobbes photo bomb!


He tried blueberries, and he was rather pleased with himself.


We're gearing up for a wedding weekend in Seymour, Indiana!
I plan to take some photos at that bizness! Stay tuned!

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