Friday, May 14, 2010

Photos from Today

We're goofy. Here's how I know:


He was laughing.

Look at those teeth.

Chuckling. Hard.

We decided to try to capture our goofiness together.

We made multiple attempts.

I'm not very good at the whole "self portrait" thing.

We were getting better. If only I had, like, done my hair or something.
Or, at the very least, washed it. And, maybe put on some makeup.

She gets it.


She was incorporating the ball. Very creative.

I think that one was the winner.

No, wait. THAT one is the winner.

The end!


  1. You kids are super.And I don't know whose child that is at the end of the pictures, but it's either very happy or very sad.

  2. @Sara - Hahahaa! That's Henry, and he's quite pleased with himself.