Friday, May 14, 2010

Sara, Sophia, and Clare—Oh, My!

My fellow VCD, Graphic Designer, and PMO friend (although we were not in PMO at the same time), Sara, came to visit me this week with her two babies. Her two girls are very close to my kids' ages. Sophia is a month older than Nora, and Claire is about two months older than Henry. You'd think we planned it.

We got a chance to catch up, let the kids run wild, and vent about work and life. It was everything we hoped it could be. Here are some photos of that lovely visit:

Sophia knew what to do. I'm not sure what was up with Nora and the whole
"not removing the finger from her mouth" thing.

Henry was all, "I don't know how I feel about all these ladies, Mom."
Sara made him that bib! Isn't it cute?

Sara and Claire. Roomba, Alfred, is photo bombing in the background.

Claire and Henry.

He thought about crawling because she did.

C'mon, little buddy!

Stinkin' sweet.

"Oh, hey!"

Doesn't this melt your heart?

This is obviously going to have to happen again.

Two babies in my lap!

So fun!

Thanks for coming, Sara! We had a ball! Next time we do this, we'll have to get Angie over here with her kids, too!

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