Friday, May 28, 2010

House, Yard, and Flowers

This is what's goin' on outside our house these days:

That big beach ball is a sprinkler, and it is sweet.

Our house needs painted. Sigh. But . . . oh, yes. Look at the flowers.

Flowers on the patio.

Flowers by the driveway.

Our front steps. The sun was setting as I decided to run out and take pictures.

That thing used to hold our newspapers that we weren't reading. We have since
started to actually read them. So, this beast needed to go back outside.

This is the best this rhododendron has looked. Ever. I did cut some limbs off of the bottom
of them last year. I wonder if that helped. The weather is better this time, too.

Front steps again.

Not bad, right? Meh.

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