Monday, May 3, 2010

Wizzy's Shower

I was able to come down to Lafayette for a little while for my cousin, Liz's, baby shower on Saturday. Here are some awesome, blurry photos of that goodness (my camera doesn't do well in the point and shoot mode when there's low lighting):

Wizzy opening my gift.

Look at her cute belly. That little brat is eight months pregnant, and she looks fantastic.

Jonah and Jo.

Theresa is holding Henry, and my mom is standing to the right.
Sarah and Daphne are in the background along with Brenda Hankins and Jamie Torkelson.

Nora had a blast with Jenna.

I couldn't get a single non-blurry picture of her playing with Jenna. It was a bit sad.

Henry, Theresa, and Vayda.

Henry's eyes are a bit creepy in this one. Jonah is watching as his momma is
bouncing another baby boy. I don't think he liked that.

This might be the only photo of Henry that isn't blurry, too. Look at sweet Jonah back there.

He was squirming and squealing during the whole shower.

Theresa was giving me a break.

And look, he's sitting still for her.

He's bouncing, here. He was a bit nutty! He wore me out!

It was good to see everyone!

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