Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

Hey, It's Okay . . .

. . . to be sad that you didn't get to read this girl's "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday" before you write yours.

. . . to want to slap a dude at the auto department of the local Walmart (apparently, this is the only place in town that has the correct tire size for our Pacifica) when he tells you that they only have one tire in stock . . . especially since you called ahead of time to see how busy things were (because you would be insane to drag two kids over there without calling ahead).

And, yes, I told them what kind of car I had, the tire size, etc. when I called the first time.

And, how the crap do they end up with just one tire in stock? Oh. I think I know. Read on.

. . . to eat McDonald's with your kids in a shopping cart while sitting on a bench in the middle of the Michigan City Walmart auto department. (If they were going to tell me I couldn't, someone was probably going to die.)

"You don't want to see my toddler/preschooler hungry, people. She's already tired. That's one strike against us. Back off."

. . . to say, "Um. No," in the most irritated voice possible when the dude at my local Walmart says, "Do you want us to put the one tire on?"

Seriously, dude? How did you get this job?

And, yes. I had to go from the La Porte Walmart to the Michigan City Walmart to get my flipping tires.

. . . to love the fact that Walmart has a mini-toilet for potty training kids . . . or really little people.

. . . to hate the fact that Walmart doesn't have a sink for potty training kids . . . or really little people.

Seriously, Walmart?

. . . to not fight that urge to put people off when they start getting snarky with you in their requests.

. . . to want someone to come wash your car. And sweep it out. And not freak out at how much food is on the floor or how much dog hair there is in there.

. . . to also want that person to go ahead and spray some water on you while you lay in a chair outside and take a nap. Not too much, though. Just a mist.

Might as well, right? RIGHT?

. . . to be in a right foul mood. Just for today.

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