Friday, May 7, 2010

Automatic Shower Cleaner

I have an automatic shower cleaner in our downstairs shower. I actually do think it helps keep it clean. I still have to clean the shower now and then by hand (I can actually go about two months between cleanings with this thing), and I don't think it's nearly as arduous as it typically would be if I didn't use that thing and waited even one month before cleaning the shower.

However, the thing I struggle with most is chucking out the money to go buy refills every two weeks. (I'm sure Willis loves that, too.)

So, I made a discovery today (and I had been meaning to make this discovery every single time I look at this thing in the shower—I just always forget to do the research). Here is what I found.

I'll be trying that. You betcha.

My favorite part is that it doesn't have bleach or vinegar in the ingredients (vinegar dissolves grout, and bleach is, well, bleach—it ruins everything). So, that's pretty cool. I have all this stuff in my house, too.

I thought I'd share.

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