Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I tried to lay Henry down for a nap this afternoon (at the same time that Nora went down). Within moments, the little rat was screaming and crying. So, I went in there to get him. The little bugger was standing there, clinging to the side of the crib (he does that now, and I have actually lowered the mattress).

I picked him up, and he was still angry. I laid him down on the changing table. He was still mad and crying and covered in tears and sweat (it's warm in here), and I blew on his face to try to cheer him up and distract him. He immediately flashed a big grin at me, giggled, and then, he tried to blow back at me.

He's a funny, little guy. I really do wish he'd sleep more, though. That'd be lovely.

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