Friday, June 4, 2010

Nora Quotes and Facts

  • "Oh. My. Goodness."
  • "Say!" (She got that from Green Eggs and Ham.)
  • When she throws a tantrum, I have taken to asking her where her composure is. She always responds with, "I can't find it! It's probably on the floor! I can't reach it!"
  • She constantly asks for "the feel good song!" (That's "Feel Good, Inc." by Gorlliaz. She stinking loves it.)
  • She also asks for "Kate" by Ben Folds Five. Often.
  • Somehow, she remembered that one of our neighbors' names is "Dolores," and she said it to Dolores the other day. She said all of the syllables, too.
  • She has an obsession with "mommy," "daddy," and "baby" things, and everything (bottles, stuffed animals, etc.) can be made to be a "mommy," a "daddy" or a "baby."
  • She likes to wake up Henry, and she tries to make it "okay" by saying, "Henry's a-wakin' up!"
  • "I don't like it, Momma!" (This is usually in regard to just about every other song that I might play that isn't the song she asked for at that moment.)
  • She's started waking in the night and sleeping next to the door. Sometimes, we can hear this happen, but a lot of times, we miss it.
  • After we picked strawberries yesterday, she told the people on the wagon with us, "I picked some strawberries!" (She mostly just treated the field as a buffet—which was fine with me, but she did actually put some in the bag I had.)
  • Nora and Henry have actually begun to play together a little bit. This is pretty neat.
  • "I can't do it!" (It's sad, but she actually says this a lot.)
  • "I'm stuck!"
  • "Can . . . I . . . have . . . some . . . milk, please?"
  • She has suddenly started to pretend to be a dog or a cat, and I have to treat her as such.
  • She has a weird obsession with shoes. She wants all of her stuffed animals and toys to fit into her shoes (like, she wants them to look like they are wearing her shoes), and she gets really, really upset when they don't fit (and none of them ever fit).
  • She genuinely seems to like Henry, and she tries to cheer him up if he sounds sad.
Ugh. Nora has a soap/bath obsession as well, and while I was typing out this list, she managed to get soap all over herself and the bath area in the bathroom. It makes me crazy. I almost gave her a bath to clean her up, but then I realized I'd be rewarding her for that behavior (I have told her many times that she is not to play with the soap). So, I just wiped her off with a wash cloth. I stash most of the soap (my shampoo especially) out of her reach, but that girl knows how to climb to get things. I also recognize that I can't always hide things out of her reach, and she needs to understand that she can't play with soap all the time (when we go to other places, I can't expect people to hide their soaps, either). Plus, there's only so much I can hide out of her reach with the space I have available. She's a soap nut, man. It's really weird.

Time to go! I clearly need to be paying more attention.

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  1. Your child has a very large vocabulary and excellent musical taste.Jenny, you're doing something right because she's got a good start to life right now!